Book Club Musings

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February 2018

Book Club Musings  

Let me frame the scene on this true life vignette - I’m driving to school at 6:45am, 4 kids in the car, report cards just came out, sitting at a stop light one morning this week listening to my daughter (8th grader) discuss with her brother (6th grader) how to improve his grades for third quarter.  They have his report card open and grade-book online trying to figure out the problem.  It was an impressive discussion filled with independent tools and ideas.  The most thoughtful ideas she brought to the table honed in on the concept of open and closed mindsets.  Her statement was,

“Well, if you choose not to turn in your homework to get some credit because you just don’t get it, that’s a closed mindset.  To have a growing mindset you need to shift from can’t to can do no matter the outcome.  It’s about owning the possibilities out in the world...”  

Huh… I thought to myself, how can a 13 year old have such an open mind? She mentioned that she was taught this in her seventh grade academic center advisory class.  Wow… it made me think, what has helped me shift my mindset from closed to open?  For sure, the business book club that I joined last year impacts my personal mindset.  That club taught me about connections and possibilities.  Engaging with friends consistently revealed some very cool tangible results.  For example, an author friend of mine who wrote a book of poems published a hard copy a couple of years ago.  This book of poems has turned into a trove of gold nuggets as my kids reach into the book shelf time and time again to read a passage.  She just published the ebook version on Amazon and is working to market it through her blogs and YouTube channel.  How cool is that!

“Chemistry, Not Science” by Caroline Wright.


Warmly, ~Vilija

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