Plainfield Bolingbrook See Fewer Distressed Homes For Sale

Dated: 12/18/2017

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It's been a long slog through the last 8 years; fighting the negative impact that foreclosure and short sale properties had on home prices in our neighborhoods.

Bolingbrook and Plainfield to a lessor degree, has been struggling with home prices due to a glut of distressed properties on the market over the years. I assert that the struggle may be over.  While the national picture of valuations have been in the news waving the flag of overheated prices, many of our residents have been disappointed to hear how much their home is worth. Everyone has an impression that their home is worth more than the price range suggested by a real estate professional. The trend in both communities is down over the last 3 years.

Bolingbrook bank owned sales have plummeted

Bank owned in The BrookAs have short sales

Brook SSPlainfield has never had the share of distressed home as high as Bolingbrook. However because the area is larger the number of distressed properties seem larger but the numbers are trending down.

Plainfield has seen a big drop in Bank owned homes on the market

Plainfield nearing siingle digit

And Short Sales on the market

Plainfield SSThese data matter when deciding to sell your home and at what price. With the numbers I gave you last week about months supply and number of new listings, now would be a good time to discuss your options with a real estate professional. If you'd like to have a talk or if you'd just like to ask a question; please contact me at [email protected] or phone/text me @ 630-343-9839.


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Today, you don’t need a Realtor to find a home because with just a few clicks you can find countless properties to buy or even find a range of how much your home is worth. What consumers need today....

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