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Dated: 10/08/2016

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Hyde Park was listed number 7 by Thrillist.com as one of the ten most beautiful neighborhoods in America.

It described the Hyde Park area as a prized locale for development. The Hyde Park area served as a setting for 1893 world's Columbian exposition, and following the events staggering success, this formerly quaint neighborhood is now one of the beautiful neighborhoods in Chicago.

Location does matter and Hyde Park is approximately 7.9 miles, fifteen minutes away from downtown Chicago by car via Lake Shore drive, five minutes from I-94 along 55th.   

Hyde Park's official boundaries are 51st Street/Hyde Park Boulevard on the north, the Midway Plaisance (between 59th and 60th streets) on the south, Washington Park on the west, and Lake Michigan on the east. According to another definition, a section to the north between 47th Street and 51st Street/Hyde Park Boulevard is also included as part of Hyde Park, although this area is officially the southern part of the Kenwood community area.

The median home price in Hyde Park according to MRED data is $180,000 which is down 8.9% from last year. Take a look at the homes you can purchase in Hyde Park. Click here....

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