Best Return On Investment For Home Renovations

Dated: 03/20/2018

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Numbers for 2018 remodeling cost vs. value, have just come out. This analysis explains which renovations are most likely to provide the best return if resale is done within a reasonable timeframe. I'm putting my money where my mouth is; next week I'm replacing all the windows and the entry door in my home. This is considered an upscale project. The return on this investment will be around 75%. 

If I attempted to market my home without replacing the builder grade windows, it would reduce the amount of sales price regardless of comparable sale. You see, a good buyers agent would see the shape of the windows and recommend a lower than comparable sale price. While I have no immediate plans to sell, I realize change can happen quickly and the home would be more ready to command a higher than comparable price.

Here are 5 projects that will yield an equity return if you work with the right team. As your listing agent, I can establish for you how these projects can improve the marketability of the home. I'll list them in order of best return:

  1. (Midrange) Manufactured Stone Veneer - 111% return. This exterior project would replace that tired vinyl or aluminum siding.

  2. (Midrange) Steel Entry Dorr Replacement - 105% return. This simple project, if done right enhances curb appeal.

  3. (Upscale) Garage Door Replacement - 90% return. This can make an ok home look fabulous.

  4. (Midrange) Siding Replacement - 80% return. Are you seeing a trend yet?

  5. (Upscale) Window Replacement - 75% return. 

If you'd like to know more about how projects like these can help you market your home or just improve your quality of life while you remain, give me a call or email. That's what I do.

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